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Ecoflow Delta Max 2000

Ecoflow Delta Max 2000

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Experience unmatched power and limitless possibilities with the EcoFlow DELTA Max 2016Wh Portable Power Station.

Designed for outdoor use, travel, and RV camping, this solar generator is your ultimate solution for staying connected and powered up in any situation.

Picture this: a power outage strikes, leaving your home in darkness. But fear not! With the DELTA Max by your side, you can back up your entire home and keep the lights on. This portable power generator boasts an impressive expandable capacity of 2016Wh, allowing you to link two extra batteries and achieve a massive 6048Wh. Say goodbye to power limitations and embrace true freedom.

Charging has never been easier. The DELTA Max offers multiple charging methods, making it more than just a solar generator. Whether you prefer AC, solar, car, or the EcoFlow Smart Generator, this powerhouse has you covered. Experience lightning-fast charging times of just 1.8 hours via wall outlets, and for industry-leading speeds, combine AC with the Smart Generator using Dual Charging. Pair solar with AC or the Smart Generator for all your outdoor adventures.

Powering up to 15 devices simultaneously with its 2400W output, the DELTA Max handles even the most demanding appliances effortlessly. And with the X-Boost feature, you can unleash 3400W of power, perfect for running window AC units, heaters, or dryers. Never compromise on your comfort and convenience again.

Your safety is our top priority. The DELTA Max portable power station comes equipped with BMS protection, ensuring real-time monitoring of voltage, current, short circuit, and temperature. Its rugged build is designed to withstand the challenges of travel and camping, making it your trusted companion in the great outdoors.

Don't settle for anything less than the best. Embrace the DELTA Max and take control of your power needs. Backup your home, charge with unrivaled speed, and power everything in your path. Experience the freedom of limitless energy today.

Take charge and get your DELTA Max now!


  • Capacity: 2016Wh (expandable up to 6048Wh with two additional batteries)
  • Charging Methods: AC, solar, car
  • Charge time: 2hrs via wall outlet
  • Warranty: 24 months
  • Device Compatibility: Power up to 15 devices simultaneously
  • Output Power: 2400W
  • X-Boost Feature: Unleashes 3400W of power.
  • Safety Features: Equipped with BMS protection for real-time monitoring of voltage, current, short circuit, and temperature.
  • Rugged Build: Designed to withstand travel and camping conditions
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